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New bitcoin buy/sell site
  YoMeR, Jan 04 2017

Hey, what's everyone go to place to buy/sell bitcoin? Circle will no longer allow me to buy/sell bit coin with them anymore. Quite annoying.

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diablo 3 #1 HC wizard streaming live now
  YoMeR, Apr 24 2015

watch my pretty face writhe in pain when i punt my guy

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ETF/stocks discussion anyone?
  YoMeR, Aug 27 2013

Hey all,

Being poker players eventually a lot of us are looking for transition out of this grind into other grinds. I'm looking into investments as a possible venture out of poker. Anyone care to start up a discussion with me here on investments namely ETFs, stocks, and index funds?

I guess I'll start it off by saying I'm lookin into these kinds of funds to be as diverse as possible without having to invest huge amounts into many different individual stocks. Just looking to invest a few thousand as an experiment and potentially start to build my portfolio.

Heard from a buddy of mine he's feelin some nuclear ETFs anyone care to comment on this?

As for more generalized questions if you are currently investing, which sites offer the most competitive rates? I'm researching on my own now but getting different opinions and perspectives on things never hurts.

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